Steele Veterinary Clinic, PC
      2515 Hwy 10 Steele, ND 58482
    (701) 475-2300

Bovine Services

 Pregnancy Diagnosis     
  • Palpation
  • Ultrasound
    • Aging
    • Sexing fetus
 Bull Fertility testing
  • Dystocia
  • Caesarean
 Heifer Spaying
 Heard Health Programs
  • Let our staff help you create a herd health program to fit your needs and the challenges faced by your operation.
  • Brucellosis (bangs)
  • Bacterial
  • Respiratory
  • Prebreeding
  • Diagnosis
  • Digital Radiographs
  • Treatment
 Emergency services
 Capture and reclamation of cattle.
Visit Steele Vet Clinic for all your Herd Health needs.
We offer a large selection of bovine products to help on your farm or ranch. We also have a fully stocked large animal hospital facility including a hydraulic tilt chute for lamness evaluation and foot work in cattle.  We have an indoor surgery area for large animals and a dedicated room for calf IV's.  There is also a poratable hydraulic chute, portable tub and alley way, and a load out chute for use on-farm.